Highlights of 2021

It’s been a really busy year for the Foundry.
Here’re a few stories behind the highlights…
Geoff Moate retired after 50 years working in the industry. Geoff started his career as an apprentice at Morris Singers when they were located in Basingstoke and he went on to manage several foundries, the last being Talos. The photo above was taken about 22 years ago and show Geoff in the waxshop moulding a life-size horse by artist Emma MacDermott.
Nigel Parkes’ bronze piece Quarley Hill was selected for the Bath Society of Artists open exhibition 2021. Matt Duke and Julie Tanner also won awards.
Julie Tanner and Steve Bicknell began sculpting in lockdown 2020, their bronze cast at Talos, and both have this year exhibited and sold their work.
Trevor Chadwick, is an unsung hero from Swanage who saved at least 669 children from Prague in 1939 from the Nazis, at great personal risk. Moira’s life-size memorial to Trevor will be unveiled in Swanage in spring next year. For a chance to win the maquette on show or if you’d like to donate to the Trust go to trevorchadwick.uk
Nicola Ravenscroft was commissioned to create a piece to celebrate the NHS.
Our sister gallery, Talos Art Gallery, opened to physical visitors in July for the first time, with a solo show by Emma Mac Dermott. At the beginning of November, a full-size and maquette-size Lester Piggott featured in the next exhibition, A Few Favourite Things. All exhibitions can be seen online at talosartgallery.co.uk