The finished Lion by artist Geoffrey Lignon, after a second casting and grey patination
Geoff running up the life size figure of Lester Piggot
'Phoebe' by artist Matt Duke
Judy Boyt's full-sized Labrador
Artist Judy Boyt working on the wax of one of her life size Labradors at Talos today
Katie working on the wax of 'Lester' by artist William Newton

Wax of 'Lester'

Work in progress by artists Judy Boyt and Vivien Mallock on display in Talos during the Project Workshops Open Weekend
Talos team member Pat talking to visitors about a recent restoration project after a patination demonstration
Lion by Pleased to be starting work on the second lion by artist Geoffrey Lignon
Neptune by Rik Berry
William Newton making final adjustments to his new commission of a very famous jockey before moulding started today. Any guesses who this jockey is?
Patination demonstration by Pat at the Open Weekend.
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