A selection of our more obscure projects

Although most commonly associated with the production of decorative objects, bronze has been used for many practical applications throughout history. Bronze was used to make such a profusion of domestic tools and military equipment during the first three millennia BC that much of this period is still known as the ‘Bronze Age’.

From about 500BC, bronze started to be superseded as the material of choice for tools and weaponry by iron, which though softer and less durable, was much cheaper to produce.

There were still many applications, however, for which bronze provided the only solution: for example, bronze was the only known metal suitable for maritime applications (because of its resistance to corrosion) until the development of stainless steel in the mid 20th century. Its particularly low coefficient of friction was used in the bearings of the machines which shaped the industrial world, and its resonant properties are still used today in the production of bells and cymbals.

Here are a few unusual applications for bronze which the Talos team has tackled:

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